The Rani

Everyone knows the Master is the complete opposite of the Doctor. Only he isn’t really. Sure he’s his main nemesis but there is someone else who truly is the opposite of everything the Doctor is about. Her name is the Rani and she just can never stand anything to do with the Doctor.

So who is the Rani?

The Rani is a time renegade, a fancy name for someone who is like the Doctor or Master, just not as articulate or fancy. The main comparison is that it’s a woman in a world dominated by male travellers (something that wasn’t really brought back in to focus until River Song came to be), but she has just as storied as history as our favourite timelord. In fact, the story goes that she was friends with him when they were both children.

What does she do?

Well her main job is just to stay on the run. She originally was exiled from Gallifrey for experimenting on mice, one of which ended up biting the Lord President and accidentally causing him to regenerate. She ended up hating the Doctor simply for the fact that he got to live on Gallifrey and she didn’t.

Is she dangerous?

Here’s a good gauge of seeing how bad she is. She once travelled to the prehistoric era and stole some Dinosaur embryos. Then she used those embryos to test on subjects just to see what would happen. In fact she did this a lot, travelling to Earth during times of deep trouble and generally trying to stir things up. Also her version of the Tardis is like a mini neon pyramid, which just doesn’t look right.

Does she like humans?

Of course not. She thinks they’re inferior and hates them a lot. If it wasn’t for the Doctor stopping her every time she rears her head, Earth would definitely be in a much worse place.

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