What’s over six foot tall, looks like a lizard and can make a person lose consciousness just by looking at it? A Silurian of course. They’ve had various encounters with the Doctor in many forms and have at times been both enemies and allies. But what should you know about one? Read on to find out.

So who are the Silurians?

Well in one of those rare occasions of the Doctor fighting a monster, they’re really sort of not monsters, but sub-humans. They’re from the Earth, but absolutely hate anyone living above ground. They’re cold blooded creatures who live underground because it’s warmer. They commonly taller than humans (probably from stretching a lot for room) and are very slim in build. Now what a Silurian looks like depends on where you see one. They might have different eyes or features as some live miles underground, while others live near the water and would have features more reminiscent of a fish.

What do they do?

Well Silurians where on Earth before humans. They were the ruling species until apes evolved in to humans. When they believed a massive planetoid was going to crash in to earth, they panicked and planned for a very long period of hibernation. Of course they didn’t plan ahead and their chambers never opened when they were supposed to. When they came out of hibernation, Earth was no longer their home and they were resigned to living underground.

Are they dangerous?

If you don’t want to hear a Silurian gossiping about you then you’re in luck. Many of them have a third eye which lets them telepathically communicate, which is bad news if you’ve no idea they’re about to attack you. A Silurian would probably make use of a human first though and use the third eye to hypnotise them and do their bidding. And if you that wasn’t bad enough, they could also use the eye to burn through obstacles and create tunnels they can navigate underground with.

Did they like humans?

The see humans as a pawn they can use to do their bidding above ground. Hypnotise one to get whatever you want sounds like a good deal to them. Mainly though, Silurians just like being left alone to do their own thing. They don’t necessarily envy humans for being able to live above ground, but they know it isn’t warm enough for them.