If you ever come across a Primord there are only two ways you can beat them. Lead them outside when it’s cold, or blast a fire extinguisher at one. Primords hate the cold and would probably love nothing more than living near the equator. But just what makes them dangerous? Not much actually, as long as you’re willing to conform.

So who are the Primords?

One look at a Primord and you’ll go think it’s a wolf man. You’ll be half right in terms of appearance, but these aren’t creatures which are ruled by moonlight. Primords are humans which have been exposed to a chemical concoction called Stahlman’s Ooze (a by-product created by drilling near a volcano) and had their bodies radically change. A person turns sickly green, grows hair in the face, grows fangs and has their muscle mass increase.

What do they do?

Primords act very much like zombies. They’re not going to eat your flesh, but they desperately want you to join their gang. Primords hang about in little groups with the aim of grabbing more people to join in. Because they’re incredibly strong and have a good grip, they’ll drag any human over to Stahlman’s Ooze and give them a baptism by ooze.

Are they dangerous?

Oh very. Their only thought is to make anything that moves a Primord too so if you don’t like having to shave your face and look green constantly, avoid one.

Did they like humans?

It’s not that they dislike humans, it’s just they’d prefer very much if you weren’t one anymore. It’s all about making everyone in to a Primord, so they dislike humans as much as they dislike anything else. You can find out more about Primords by buying the special issue of Doctor Who DVD Files here.