It’s an overlooked monster that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Its origins are straight out of something you’d expect from a 50s Sci-fi movie and it can do much more damage than the average garden weed. It’s the Krynoid and it loves being aggressively green.

So what is a Krynoid?

Simply put, a Krynoid is a plant. Like a flower or bush it would be ok if it just grew calmly in your garden, but oh no, this thing grows super-fast and tries to devour everything in its path by turning anything it latches on it to a plant as well.

What does it do?

Nothing much really except that it grows as much as possible. Once a pod (Krynoid seeds are roughly the size of an Easter egg) is exposed to enough sunlight or heat, it will quickly start to grow and just won’t stop. It doesn’t need to have its roots in the ground to absorb minerals, meaning it can move freely and in any direction desired in order to get enough sunlight and nitrogen.

Is it dangerous?

It’s incredibly dangerous. Walk up to one and if it manages to latch on, it’s game over for you. Krynoids have the ability to turn any creature in to a Krynoid. It metamorphoses the body in to a plant in the space of a day and can draw upon its subject to do its bidding up until that point. It’s not just that it’s a plant that’s in need of a good trim, but a plant that has a conscious.

Does it like humans?

It’s not that they don’t like humans; they don’t just like anything in their path. Krynoids are carnivorous so they’ll any meat, no matter what the species. It only really prefers to leave plants and flowers alone because it can actually control them psychically. If you’re wondering how to kill giant men eating plants like the Krynoid, you’ll need access to something that produces high pitched noises, or just a bunch of rockets that will blast it in to pieces. Just make sure none of those pieces have pods hidden inside or else you’re going to have to go through the whole process over again.