Clowns are scary. We don’t care who says they’re not. Even the Doctor knew not to trust someone who paints a smile on their face. In the example of Chief Clown, here’s someone who think that getting a laugh involves hunting down and killing anyone who doesn’t like the circus.

So who is Chief Clown?

He’s the ringleader of the Psychic Circus, a special circus that was originally was founded by a group of hippies to travel the universe and entertain everyone. That plan was quickly scuppered though when the God of Ragnarok were having none of it and decided to keep the circus housed on their planet and use it as an excuse to execute visitors. Chief Clown essentially became their lap dog and had to do their bidding with no questions.

What does he do?

Being a ringleader sounds harmless right? Just your average circus experience of entertaining the crowd. It’s not really the case here though with Chief Clown. Part of his job was luring people from the crowd in to the ring, where he and a bunch of robot clowns would just kill that person for fun. Sounds like a right laugh riot doesn’t it?

Is he dangerous?

Oh yes. If someone managed to avoid getting killed in the circus, he would get in his hearse and hunt down those who escaped, making him a right cheery fellow. He felt it was his responsibility to keep the illusion of the circus alive and well, and an escapee claiming to be killed by one of the robot clowns would only tarnish that.

Does he like humans?

Yes and no. He loves the value they could give to the show, in the form of an expendable accessory that could be quickly disposed of. He doesn’t so much love having to go tracking down those who get away as much as he’d just prefer they were made rid of at the first opportunity.